Full coverage to meet specific demands,
from the single application to complex systems.

Secure Network’s Red Team is highly specialized and competent in most fields of security, guaranteeing protection that is dependable.

  1. Application Security

  2. Network Security

  3. Code Review

  4. Digital Forensics & Investigation

  5. Information Security Management

  6. Embedded & Automotive Security

Security assessments

Application security

Applications process and handle most of a company’s information, including critical data. Custom applications have become an easy to reach and popular target for attackers.

It is therefore important to test your applications using the same techniques and tools used during a real-world attack, verifying the practical effectiveness of implemented security measures. Our Red Team employs the latest techniques, along with professional tools, to identify and exploit application vulnerabilities, in order to demonstrate what a compromise of your most sensitive information really means.

Our Penetration Testing activities are designed with a top-down approach, aimed at a specific goal, such as the compromise of a critical database or the theft of relevant data, which allows to verify the real impact of the identified vulnerabilities during a real attack.

The assessment results are documented in a report that contains the complete list of identified vulnerabilities, classified according to their relevance through a risk-based standard methodology. To assist during the vulnerabilities fixing process, all detected issues are widely detailed, including the necessary steps to reproduce them, and for each one suggestions and directions for the proper fix are provided.

Network & Infrastructure Security

The security of modern companies depends on the security of their most important infrastructures, which are the bases for their systems, applications and information protection.

By focusing on the actual customers’ needs, Secure Network performs different kinds of analysis depending on the desired result. These analyses can be performed from within the corporate network and offices or directly from Internet, acting like a real external attacker.

The security of your infrastructure plays a vital role and it is for this very reason that our Team is not limited to use automatic tools, but thoroughly analyses each problem, often using custom tools developed for each specific purpose.

The documentation provided after the analysis ensures that the customer fully understands the impacts associated with the identified vulnerabilities, and is able to reproduce themselves.Furthermore, to facilitate the fixing process of the identified vulnerabilities, Secure Network presents to its clients an action plan that includes the priority of individual issues, calculated using the international standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), and the suggested methods to properly fix them.

Code review

An in-depth analysis of the source code is the key to effectively identify security vulnerabilities in your applications. Furthermore, addressing these issues during the development cycle of the software, and not in a production environment, can also reduce the time and costs associated with the process to fix the identified bugs and vulnerabilities.

Secure Network has developed a process that integrates automated tools with an in-depth manual analysis of the code, overcoming the technological limitations imposed by automated scanners, reducing false positives and identifying even the most complex vulnerabilities.

The result of the analysis is well documented, ensuring that your development team is able to find any issues identified, understanding their impact and the correct resolution, avoiding to introduce them again in the future.

The experience of Secure Network allows it to offer its Code Review services for web applications and web services, desktop applications, and the increasingly popular smartphones and tablets applications.

Digital Forensics & Investigation

Digital Forensics is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime.

Since a digital forensic evidence must be derived by the scientific method in order to be reliable and eligible to be admitted in court, whenever possible Secure Network adopts software, tools and methodologies with a verifiable mode of operation.

Information Security Management

Embedded & Automotive Security