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Secure Network offers, through an extensive catalog of highly customizable services, advanced and specialized expertise to support its clients in identifying, planning, and executing the pathways that will lead them to the best possible information security posture.

Specifically, our certified lab’s security assessment services enable organizations and enterprises to assess the defensive posture against cyber-attacks and threats to their infrastructure, applications, production lines, and products.

Offensive Cybersecurity since 2004

Secure Network collaborates on several research projects together with a variety of academic partners (e.g., Politecnico di Milano), the results of which have been presented and welcomed at major international conferences on Information Security, such as DEF CON, Black Hat, Hack in the Box, AppSec Europe, CanSecWest and BlueHat.

Secure Network is committed to offering quality services, employing qualified and up-to-date personnel paying special attention to the observance of ESG criteria.
The various activities are delivered in accordance with sustainability criteria, with a focus on compliance with procedures, the environment, human rights
and sustainable procurement.

Secure Network’s laboratory performs exhaustive security assessments to secure your infrastructure, applications, production lines and products.

The Team operates like the most determined attackers, simulating realistic attacks and analyzing your IT reality in detail, highlighting all elements that could lead to service interruption, data leakage or financial damage.

The training activity allows you to increase your team’s security knowledge so that your current level of security is increased and maintained over time.

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