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Network Penetration Test (NPT)

Analysis of the internal and/or external network perimeter, simulating a real cyber-attack, identifying and take advantage of each vulnerability and assess their combined impact.

Wireless Network Penetration Test (WNPT)

A Wireless Network Penetration Test (WNPT) is designed to provide an insight on attack techniques against specific components of a wireless infrastructure and to demonstrate what a real attacker might reasonably achieve.

Corporate Workstation Analysis (CWA)

Consists of simulating an attack scenario, such as the theft of corporate devices. Through a workstation analysis, it is tested how a device compromise would impact the corporate infrastructure.

Patching Level Analysis (PLA)

Provides an overall picture of the update level of the analyzed systems to identify potential security issues present and draft a prioritized intervention plan to apply the necessary corrective updates.

Domain Controller Security Review (DCSR)

Provides for a review of all domain controller configurations within the infrastructure used and the associated password policy. The activities follow the point of view of an attacker and allow for highlighting any possibilities for privilege escalation within the active directory.

Attack Response Testing (ART)

The scope of this test is to evaluate the Detection and Response (D&R) team’s ability to identify and respond to simulated attacks against a specific perimeter, which are typically the Security Operation Center and perimeter protection systems, but also workstations and corporate VPN connections, with the goal of accurately assessing detectable and undetectable attack types and all resulting attack scenarios.

Cloud Configuration Security Review (CCSR)

A Cloud Configuration Security Review involves reviewing the Cloud environment configuration in use by the client, leveraging a gray box approach to ensure that the services and components used are set up according to the latest security best practices and that the defense in depth principle is properly respected.

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