Play out your scenario beforehand
so you’re covered when it happens.

Security assessments, code review and information security management identify latent issues, allowing you to prevent service disruption, data breach and financial damage.

  1. My business handles valuables and trust

    Banks and financial institutes have always been favorite targets for cyber-attacks, which aim to compromise their systems to gain the confidential and valuable information they manage.

    We perform simulated real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities on your applications, systems and infrastructures, demonstrating their real impact.

  2. Is our service really secure?

    Offering world-class service is not just your core business, but is an integral part of who you are and why your clients trust you to deliver with five nines.

    We employ a wide range of testing techniques to identify every possible vulnerability, while guiding your developers into resolving the issue, and maintaining future security.

  3. An industry without a security team

    Even though many industries and factories execute their business through special equipment, their backoffice, which keeps the whole organization running, is just as exposed as it is vital.

    We will identify critical vulnerabilities on your infrastructure, allowing you to fix them before they are exploited by attackers.

You are a financial firm
and you manage assets

Banks and financial institutes have always been some of the favorite targets for computerised attacks, which aim to compromise their systems and gain access to the critical information they possess.

Secure Network has decade-long experience in securing banks and firms. Realistic simulated attacks are able to identify the vulnerabilities in your applications, systems and infrastructure, before they can be discovered by malicious attackers.

We can demonstrate the real-world impact of each issue we detect, classifying them by their risk, and guiding your team on how to solve them.

You provide services
through the Internet

Companies which are built around the services they provide must pay particular attention to their security. A breach into their applications can cause huge damages, from downtime to data theft, leading to a stain on their brand which can be difficult, if not impossible, to clean.

When your clients trust and depend on your service for their operation and financial success, disservice can also damage them economically, and lead them to lose their own clients.

Secure Network lends his experience in the field of applicative penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities which would be critical to your operation. We will give your developers detailed documentation on each critical point, helping them resolve the issue, correct future potential pitfalls, amd maintain the security level which you have acquired.

Industrial platforms
and special machinery

Even though factories and plants often make use of equipment that is not strictly based on information technology, the security of their back- office systems is still fundamental to guarantee successful operation of the business.

It’s hard to reap the effects of the increased efficiency and savings that modern technological solutions provide without being subject to the vulnerabilities of a fully connected network.

Since a single weak point can lead to entry to the whole infrastructure, it’s important to compartmentalise as much as possible, so that even gaining access, compromise is impossible.