Your protection.
Our mission.

Founded in 2004, Secure Network offers specialized services to guarantee the security of your systems.

Thanks to standard methodologies sharpened by years of experience in Italy and Europe, Secure Network is able to effectively answer all your needs and support you to protect your core businesses.

In 2018 Secure Network entered into a joint venture with BV Tech S.p.a, further expanding the company’s international opportunities.

A dedicated, cutting-edge team
of renowned security researchers

Secure Network acts like your most determined attackers and performs realistic and in-depth analysis of your most critical systems.

Formed by a young and cutting-edge Red Team of engineers and always up to date thanks to the close collaboration with Politecnico di Milano.

The stable research and development studies and the active participation to international conferences, lectures and workshops, make Secure Network one of the most effective security companies.

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